Hearing God

This week our sermon considered 1 Kings 19. Most of us have felt depressed before, but in this passage, it's very likely that Elijah suffers from clinical despair, a spiritual crisis. He goes from the exceptional euphoria of Mt. Carmel to the depths of despair, fatigue, poor appetite, hopelessness, and low self-esteem. 

God Himself comes to Elijah and tells him to strike out on a 40 day journey to Horeb. Forty days is, of course, highly significant and signifies an extended period of testing.

Something unholy, unwholesome had slipped into Elijah's thoughts and being. An inflated view of himself turned the saint into a sinner, a backslider. But God is the Great Physician and knows just what Elijah needs. He will pass by, but can Elijah recognize His voice? 

When was the last time you heard God's voice? The ability to hear Him comes with experience. Two excellent resources are Andrew Murray's With Christ in the School of Prayer and Dallas Willard's Hearing God

Elijah didn't accept the invitation to change like David did, and sorry to say, there was no change. He remained unwilling to return to humility.

May we join with St. Ignatius and pray: "Lord, I want Your will, Your way, Your time."