Passing the Torch

Today marked the end of our sermon series on Elijah as we considered 2 Kings 2:1-22. Have you ever stopped to consider how similar the stories of Moses and Elijah are? Mt. Sinai, parting the waters...

Elisha dreaded being separated from his mentor and wanted to follow Elijah everywhere. He also dreaded thinking about the time when Elijah would no longer be there. His primary wish of Elijah is to inherit a double portion of his spirit. And sure enough, after Elijah is taken up to heaven in the whirlwind, everyone realizes that the Spirit of the Lord is now on Elisha.

This story highlights the truth that ascension is possible. Fast-forward to Jesus' transfiguration, where Moses and Elijah are conversing with God. Moses represented the Law, but what was the significance of Elijah? Jesus as the greatest prophet after Elijah? Jesus the miracle-worker like Elijah? Similar to the Elijah story, Jesus ascends and His Spirit descends.

But are we using this Gift? Are we operating on our own power or His? Using our spiritual gifts, we are to be the body of Christ in this world. Are we just as comfortable with the image of the Spirit as fire, as we are with the peaceful dove or inspiring breath?