Hope for the Parched Soul

Our consideration of Elijah continued today. 1 Kings 18:40-46 picks up Elijah's story after the challenge of Baal and his prophets on Mt. Carmel. Elijah was spent, exhausted. His posture at this point helps us read between the lines and gain a better understanding of what he was perhaps thinking. His faith was still unshakable, but what does his putting his head between his knees, face in the dust, tell us? After all the taunting of Baal's prophets and God's fiery display, there was still no cloud in the sky, no rain.

Elijah takes on the stance of other greats, e.g. Jacob, Moses, Job, and recognizes his unworthiness and his deep need for God. Elijah reacts with humility and maybe even a little fear. He might be second guessing himself, not unlike John the Baptist, when he sends word to see if Jesus is the One.

Even a devout person's faith can crumble when he has to wait.

Elijah had to have his servant go and check the horizon, but he never gave up hope that God would act; his faith was not misplaced. We can help each other to stay hopeful while we wait, checking the horizon for our brother and sister until the breakthrough comes.