Truly King

The apostle John wants to portray Jesus not only as the Jewish Messiah but also the universal King. John 18:28-40a shows Jesus' encountering Pilate, who represented Roman rule in Judea, and gives this story a global background. Pilate asks Jesus to answer the accusation that he was calling himself the King of the Jews. A simple yes or no would have made the situation so much easier, but Jesus chooses another tack. He will ask the questions. What's important here is how we interpret Jesus' tone, which will speak to his intent. Jesus is not arrogant here or angry or sullen, but rather gentle in his gracious attempt to engage Pilate, much like he does with the woman at the well or Nicodemus. Pilate doesn't have the ears or heart to hear, though. Or does he? Hoping the Jews will find Jesus innocent, Pilate goes to the Jews no less than four times. 

Whether or not we recognize Jesus as the King of Kings, He is. His being King is not dependent on our declaration of that fact. Do we acknowledge Him in this role? What difference does it make?