What Must Happen

Apocalyptic passages like Mark 13:1-8 can sometimes be scary to read. Like the disciples, we want to know when are the end times coming? How will we know?

A good rule of thumb when considering any biblical passage about prophecy is to use the varying perspectives of a spy glass. 

The first application, of course, pertains to the disciples and their time. The Church was being born and God's Word was trustworthy. God's message to them and to us is not to be afraid and to trust Him.

What about our time? One thing is for sure: "We're always getting closer to the end!" 

God's goal here is not to frighten or even necessarily to warn, but rather to comfort us. As the ultimate realist, He knows what's coming and He wants us to trust in Him that no matter what, He is our sure Foundation, our Rock, and our Redeemer.