"What It Takes To Stand"

In Ephesians 6: 10-20, Paul writes about putting on the whole armor of God, about being strong, alert and always praying. We need the whole armor -- to use the breastplate alone, for example, would leave others parts of the body vulnerable.

Recognizing the enemy is key, if we want to be victorious. We might think certain people, illness, loss of a job, political opponents are our enemies, but in truth, it boils down to Satan's being our enemy, his is the evil that surrounds us. We don't always see him, but we do see his handiwork all around.

Paul also stresses that it is the Church that is coming under attack. The Church is the very heart of Jesus, and Paul's admonition is really to the Church at large. We are to be brave and our prayer for our pastor and ourselves needs to be that we will speak God's truth fearlessly.