Come and Have Breakfast

Just as the disciples did in this week's sermon text (John 21:1-14), we came together as the body of Christ in the 21st century and joined in fish-fry breakfast not at the Sea of Tiberias, but in our own upper, fellowship-hall, room. 

The Holy Spirit renewed the 'blest tie that binds us' as we recognized the truths of this passage in John that recollects the third time Jesus appeared to this disciples after His resurrection:

  • we as the Church are the net to bring others to Christ
  • this net is inviolable -- no thing or person can prevail against it
  • our directions come plainly and simply from Jesus
  • each of us counts immensely in God's plan: the number was exact: 153
  • God's blessings come in our obedience.

We sure could use your help hauling some nets!