The Twelve Days of Christmas

This morning we were encouraged to make a conscious effort to look at the life we live in the light of Christ's coming. How is our rising and shining going? We all need to make a progress report.

If we feel unqualified or inept to spread the good news of Jesus' birth, then the shepherds give us great hope. They just returned to their regular lives, but told everyone with whom they came in contact about what they had seen. 

December 26th is traditionally the Feast of St. Stephen, which gives cause again for a self-examination, when we consider to what extent we're willing to be a witness for Christ.

December 27th is St. John's Feast Day, another heroic witness for Christ, whose Gospel on the life of Christ continues to instruct and enlighten. 

And shouldn't we highlight December 28th's remembrance of the massacre of the Holy Innocents? The loss of innocence in our culture is deplorable: abortion, abuse, trafficking, neglect... 

We are the Light-bearers, the Gospel-bearers, we need to share with others the transformation that Christmas has wrought in us. We've been changed by Jesus, not resolutions, Weight Watchers, AA, Dave Ramsey, or self-help books. 

Let's keep celebrating Christmas!