The Peace of Christ

During Advent we wait for, long for the Christ to come into our lives and bring His peace. This peace is not the absence of conflict, but it a deep and abiding peace that only Jesus can bring. Jesus' peace passes human understanding. It can often provide a way out of fear and anger. But we can't make peace, we can only receive it. 

The eighteenth century preacher, George Whitefield, writes: "Is God your friend? Is Christ your friend? Then, look up with comfort; all is yours, and you are Christ's, and Christ is God's. Everything shall work together for your good; the very hairs of your head are numbered; he that toucheth you, toucheth the apple of God's eye. [...] For Christ's sake, if you know Christ keep close by him; if God have spoken peace, O keep that peace by looking up to Jesus Christ every moment. Such as have got peace with God, if you are under trials, fear not, all things shall work for your good; if you are under temptations, fear not, if he has spoken peace to your hearts, all these things shall be for your good."

And there's another message of Christmas, "Fear not!"...