The Aftermath

It's interesting to note how the biblical account of the disciples in the days following Christ's resurrection coincides in large measure to a relatively "new" psychological disorder that is common to people who have experienced great tragedy or trauma in their lives. In contrast to our triumphant celebration, the disciples were sad, fearful and maybe even felt a little angry or even ashamed.

We celebrate the glorious, resurrected Christ, even though we, like they, are not shielded by the wounds that this earthly life can bring. Jesus comes in the midst of our pain, in our ordinary, day-to-day life, but He leaves us with His peace, which passes all understanding. Lo, He is with us always. Even when we fail, we can be confident of God's peace. F. Buechner reminds us, “Resurrection means that the worst thing is never the last thing.” 

Go and live the new life we have in Christ, peacefully, purposefully, and joyfully.