Signs and Wonders Among Us

This Sunday we continued our series about the staying power of the early church and considered Acts 2: 43: "And awe came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles." What might be understood as a prescriptive list for the Church in verse 42, turns into a descriptive trait in verse 43. In other words, we can emphasize good teaching,  encourage meaningful fellowship, devote ourselves to prayer, but we cannot insist that each member experience awe in worship or in our daily lives. 

Too often, awe, or fear, wonder, amazement, reverential fear doesn't really fit into our modern mindset. Are "signs and wonders" -- natural and supernatural events -- still a part of our modern Church? Hallelujah, yes! Surely this descriptor will apply to each of us as well if only we'll stop to enumerate all that God has done and is doing in our midst! Great is His Faithfulness.